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Alligators are one of the largest lizards - like reptiles with long, rounded snouts and powerful tails similar to crocodiles. Alligators are mostly found in only United States, Louisiana, Florida and China. Alligators live in freshwater lakes, rivers, and swamps. They occasionally live in brackish water. They must live near water, because they are cold-blooded and need the water to help them maintain constant body temperature.

Male alligators are 14 feet and weigh more than 750 pounds whereas female alligators weigh less than male alligators. Alligators being a flesh-type eating animal can eat foods which contains birds, fish, crayfish, crab, frogs, snails, deer, snakes, coots, grebes, insects and other alligators too. Their jaws are very strong to hold an animal until they die. As they grow bigger, they eat larger fish and reptiles. Frogs and turtles are their favorite meal. Big alligators are capable of eating animals including buffalo, zebras, snakes, monkeys.

Alligators like to live under water during the nights and spend their day time lying on the ground for sun rays. When the climate is too hot, they stay back into the water to cool off. They communicate with each other by making a bellowing sound.

For many years, they have been hunted by humans for their hides due to which the population of alligator decreased. Now Laws have been made to protect alligators and once again their pupolation has been increased.

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