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An Anteater is a mammal and generally lives above ground and they are commonly known for eating ants and termites. Anteaters are mostly seen in the areas of grasslands, deciduous forests and rain forests of South and Central America. They are also seen some areas of Mexico and north - western Argentina. Anteaters spend most of their day looking for food.

They have snouts which are a tube like structured and have no teeth. Since they don’t have teeths, they make use of long sticky tongue to swallow insects. They like to live alone rather living in groups and are widely found in the forests of South America. An anteater also has got powerful claws, by which it uses to rip open the nests of ants and termites.

Therein after anteater uses its long snout to nuzzle around in search of these insects, which gets trapped on the anteater's long, sticky tongue. They locate their preys in the wild using its excellent sense of smell. Their food menu usually includes items such as gruel mixes, mashed fruits & veggies like avocados and bananas, hard-boiled eggs, ground beef, dog kibble, and the occasional handful of insects.

A wild giant anteater is capable of consuming an amazing number of insects - oftentimes up to 30,000 in just one day! Adult anteater grows to be between 6 and 8 feet long and from 65 to 140 pounds in weight.

Large cats such as jaguars will hunt and kill giant anteaters, but humans are by far giant anteaters' biggest threat.

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