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Badgers are largely nocturnal, normally shy, retiring animals that live in social or family groups. They are closely related to otters. Badgers can be commonly seen in the forests and grassy areas.

There are 8 species of Badger living in this world. Badgers will eat a wide variety of foods, although their main diet consists of earthworms, up to 200 per day. They catch most of their food by digging. Badgers mostly feed themselves in the night time. They are well known for their powerful digging skills. They use their digging skills to make burrows for themselves.

They are heavily build medium sized animals and having short legs. Their forefeet with claws are very strong which helps Badger for digging very easily. An adult badger can grow up to 36" long and usually weighs from 22 to 27 lbs. Badgers are less active during winter months but they do not hibernate. Badgers are fierce animals and will protect themselves and their young at all costs.

Badgers are capable of fighting off much larger animals such as wolves, coyotes and bears. They are also useful to humans because can eat many rodent pets which may carry various diseases and damage crops.

Hunting badgers is common in most of the countries. At some time earlier badgers were hunted for their fur, by means of which humans used to make quality shaving brushes. But now laws are made to protect badgers.

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