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Bears are the mammals with enormous huge size and great power and they are easily found in the Asia, Europe, and America and in Artic regions. They are capable of living in the very extreme cold regions because of their body which is covered with a very thick fur.

Bears have hairy head, small rounded ears with small eyes and short and powerful legs with large feet. They have extreme strong claws that they can rip, dig and catch very strongly. Bears have an excellent sense of smelling and more over rather than having bulky body they can run very quickly and at the same time can swim and climb swiftly. Bears defense them selves by their teeth and claws which are very strong and acts as a weapon to them. They usually like to live alone and they live in caves. Some bears build their den under brush piles, and in logs or in dig holes in hill sides.

Bears are flesh eating animals; they usually will travel at a longer distance for food. They hunt in day or night time depending upon the situation and expectation of humans nearby. Apart from that they like to consume fish, squirrels and sometimes mice, lambs, pigs, bird's egg. Bears do really like honey. Most Cubs stay with their mother for one to two years.

Life span of a bear ranges up to a maximum of 30 years. They have been hunted by many people for enjoyment and for eating.

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