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Honeybees are the four winged, flower-feeding insets closely related to ants. There are 20,000 species and 9 families of bees living in the world. Bees can mostly found in the all the areas consisting of flowers except Antarctica. They have enlarged hind feet, branched or feathered body hair, and generally a stinger.

Most bees are small from 2 mm (.08 inches) long to 4 cm (1.6 inches) long. Honeybees live in hives or colonies. A small hive which contains cells that are made of wax and it can contain at least 20,000 bees and in a big hive there can be more than 100,000 bees residing. In hive bees includes one queen, hundreds of drones and thousands of workers.

The workers are females but they do not breed. The role of workers is to collect pollens and nectar. Pollen are the source of proteins and nectar are the source of energy for them, drones are the males without a stinger and their role is to fertilize the queen bee and the queen bee creates babies for the hive. Queen bee lays 1500 eggs in one day in the cell. Bee turns the nectar into honey.

Honey bees are very beneficial to humans because they produce honey and pollinate the crops. The beekeeper removes honey from the hive and is always careful because some bees especially an African honey bee also known as "Killer bees" reacts very quickly, attack in large numbers, and swarm for long periods of time.

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