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How to build self-confidence in your children
Written by A Kids Site Staff on 12/31/69
Self-confidence is the key of success in life. Building self-confidence in children will convert them in a successful adult. Proper care, love, to understand the needs of your children, make themselves feel mature by discussing  problems with them is an effective techniques to build up self-confidence in them.  A child with low self confidence is expected to struggle in each phase of his /her life.  We all want our children to be confident.

Following are a few tips to built up self-confidence in children:

  • Tell your child when they have accomplished something and you are proud of them. Always praise share with others about your child’s success and never criticize your children.
  • Never compare your children with your friends / neighbors or any other persons children
  • Always believe in your child and make him/her feel that how important he/she is for you
  • Always show your interest & take active participation wherever possible in whatever your child do
  • Become a good listener. Listen your children carefully never neglect them. Let your child know they are important by really listening to them.
  • Keep a certain time reserved for your children  to play with them and laugh with them
  • Respect your child's interests, even if they seem boring to you - take a genuine interest in your child's friends, and what's happening at school, and comment to show you're listening.