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Naming your Child
Written by A Kids Site Staff on 12/31/69

It is an old saying ‘What is in name?’ It is difficult to find out why it is said so because name has a great impact on person’s life.  Naming your child is a wonderful experience. There is a special feeling when you choose the name of new arrival at your home. From parents to distant relatives, everyone reaches your with a list of suggestions / opinions. Choosing a name for your baby is a serious decision therefore, before choosing a name for your beloved one, a thorough consideration on the followings is a must: -

  1. It is very important to try out how the entire name will sound when it is called out. It has a melody or it sounds weird? Does it match with your surname? It is always better to choose a name which is easy to pronounce and can be clearly spoken.

  2. There is every likelihood that people can call your child with an embarrassing nickname in case you choose a long name for your child therefore, it is advisable to choose a name which is not too long.

  3. Since your child has to live with his name for the rest of his life therefore, never choose name for your baby in a rush. Choose the name keeping the baby’s benefit in your mind. This means no joke names, puns or play on words.

  4. The meaning of your child’s name can also have a great impact on his attitude for example if meaning of your child’s name is say ‘winner’ then you can remind him time and again the meaning of his name in order to encourage & create positive energy in him.

  5. Do not choose a name with unique pronunciation or spelling because nobody would like to explain others how the name is really spelled or pronounced throughout his / her lifetime.

  6. Though it is impossible to make everyone happy but we should give proper respect to our parents’ suggestions/advises.

  7. While choosing a name please make sure that the name chosen by you is applicable for all ages.  At times it may happen that name chosen by you is cute for an adorable little baby but may sound funny when the baby grows up.

A wrong pick up of name or half heartedly decision taken by you while selecting the name of your child can ruin the whole life of your child therefore, be cautious while naming your child.