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3601 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aadrika Girl Hindu, Indian Mountain
Aafreen Girl Indian Stimulation
Aaftab Boy Arabic Sun
Aagney Boy Indian Born from fire
Aagneya Boy Indian Male child of flames
Aahaladita Girl Hindu, Indian Bubbling with delight
Aahana Girl Hindu, Indian First rays of the sun
Aaheli Girl Hindu, Indian Pure
Aahlada Boy Indian Joy
Aahna Girl Hindu, Indian Exist
Aahuti Girl Indian Sacrifice
Aailyah Girl Swahili Of the god Apollo
Aaina Girl Hindu, Indian Mirror
Aakaanksha Girl Hindu, Indian Wish or desire
Aakaksha Girl Hindu, Indian Desire
Aakanksha Girl Indian Wish for
Aakar Boy Hindu, Indian Shape
Aakarsha Boy Indian To allure
Aakarshan Boy Hindu, Indian attraction
Aakash Boy Sanskrit, Indian Opal