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1201 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Daamodar Boy Hindu, Indian A name of Krishna
Daaruk Boy Hindu, Indian Charioteer of Krishna, tr...
Daarun Boy Hindu, Indian Hard Boy Hindu
Daas Boy Hindu, Indian Servant of Dwaarakaa
Daba Girl Hebrew Kind words, bee swarm
Dabiku Girl Swahili Offered, entrusted
Dabir Boy Persian Teacher
Dabog Boy Slavonic, Serbian Giver of fortune, Giving ...
Dabria Girl Latin Name of an angel
Dacey Boy Gaelic, English Of the colour of gold
Dachbog Boy Slavonic, Czech Giver of fortune, Giving ...
Dacia Girl Latin From Dacia
Dacian Boy Latin From dacia (near roMe
Daciana Girl Latin, Romanian From Dacia, From Dacia
Dacio Girl French From arcy
Dada Both African Curly haired
Dadhija Girl Hindu, Indian Daughter of milk
Dae Girl Korean Greatness
Daegal Boy Scandavian Dawn
Dael Boy Hebrew Knowledge of God