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1044 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Eabaristo Boy Greek, Latin Well pleasing
Eachann Boy Gaelic Horse lord
Eadbhard Boy English, Gaelic Wealth protector
Eadoin Boy Celtic Blessed with Many friends
Eagle Boy English Bird of prey
Eairrdsidh Boy Germanic, Gaelic Precious or true and bold
Ealasaid Girl Hebrew, Greek, Gaeli My God is a vow
Ealdwine Boy English Old friend
Ealish Girl French, Gaelic Of noble kind
Eamhair Girl Gaelic Possibly swift
Eamon Boy English Prosperous protection
Earl Boy English Nobleman
Earle Boy English Nobleman
Earlene Girl English Nobleman
Earline Girl English Nobleman
Earnest Boy Germanic, English Earnest, serious
Earnestine Girl Germanic, English Earnest, serious
Eartha Girl Gaelic Strong faith
Earvin Boy English Friend, handsome
Eashan Boy Hindu, Indian Lord Vishnu