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1093 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Ha'aheo Both Hawaiian Proud, haughty, to strut
Ha'iku Both Hawaiian Kahili flower
Ha'ulili Both Hawaiian Trilling chatter
Ha'upu Both Hawaiian Te recall, recollect, rem...
Haadiya Boy Hindu, Indian Huide to righteousness
Haadiyaa Girl Hindu, Indian Guide to righteousness
Haady Boy Hindu, Indian Guiding to the right
Haafiz Boy Hindu, Indian The servant of the Protec...
Haakon Boy Norse Chosen son
Haani Boy Hindu, Indian Happy, Delighted, Content
Haarith Boy Hindu, Indian Plowman, Old Arabic name
Haaroon Boy Hindu, Indian A Prophet's name
Haashim Boy Hindu, Indian Generosity, Prophet's gra...
Haatim Boy Hindu, Indian Judge
Habeebah Girl Arabic, Swahili Loved, beloved friend
Habel Boy Germanic, Frisian Battle sword
Haben Boy African Pride
Habib Boy Arabic Loved, beloved friend
Habiba Girl Arabic, Swahili Loved, beloved friend
Habibah Girl Arabic, Swahili Loved, beloved friend