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591 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Iaap Boy Welsh God is gracious
Iagan Boy Gaelic Little fire
Iago Boy Hebrew, Latin, Welsh Grasp by the heel
Iain Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Iakov Boy Hebrew, Latin Supplanted, held by the h...
Ian Boy Hebrew, Gaelic God is forgiving
Iana Girl Hebrew, Gaelic God is forgiving
Iannis Boy Hebrew, Greek God is gracious
Ianthe Girl Greek Violet
Ianto Boy Hebrew, Welsh God is gracious
Iara Girl Brazilian Water lady
Iason Boy Greek Healer
Ibada Boy Swahili Reverence
Ibeamaka Boy African The agnates are splendid
Ibha Girl Hindu, Indian Hope
Ibhanan Boy Sanskrit, Indian With a face like an eleph...
Ibhi Girl Sanskrit, Indian Female elephant
Ibhya Boy Sanskrit, Indian Possessor of many servant...
Ibraheem Boy Hindu, Indian A Prophet's name
Ibrahi Boy Turkish Arabic form of abraham, T...