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1096 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Ja'far Boy Arabic Stream
Jaabir Boy Arabic Comforter, consoler
Jaafar Boy Arabic Stream
Jaagup Boy Hebrew, Estonian Supplanter
Jaak Boy Hebrew, Estonian Supplanter
Jaan Boy Hebrew, Estonian God is gracious
Jaap Boy Hebrew, Latin Supplanted, held by the h...
Jaazaniah Boy Hebrew God will hear me
Jaba Girl Hindu, Indian Hibiscus
Jabaar Boy Hindu, Indian The servant of the Mighty
Jabari Boy Arabic Comforter, consoler
Jabbar Boy Sanskrit, Arabic, In Peasant farmer
Jabeen Girl Hindu, Indian Forehead
Jabez Boy Hebrew Page
Jabilo Boy African Medicine Man
Jabir Boy Arabic Comforter, consoler
Jabr Boy Arabic To console or assist
Jabulani Boy African Come to bring happiness t...
Jac Boy Hebrew, Welsh God is gracious
Jace Boy Greek Healer