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2089 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Ma'mun Boy Arabic Reliable, trustworthy
Ma'or Boy Hebrew Star
Maacha Girl Hebrew To squeeze
Maadai Boy Aramaic, Hebrew Delight
Maadhav Boy Hindu, Indian Another name of Krishna
Maadiah Boy Hebrew Delight of God, ornament ...
Maadya Boy Hebrew Delight of God, ornament ...
Maagan Boy Hebrew Jetty, anchorage
Maagh Boy Hindu, Indian Name of a Hindu month
Maahir Boy Hindu, Indian Skilled
Maaike Girl Hebrew, Latin Bitter, Latinate form of ...
Maalai Girl Hindu, Indian Garland of Flowers
Maalatee Girl Sanskrit, Indian Jasmine
Maalav Boy Sanskrit, Indian Keeper of horses
Maalay Boy Sanskrit, Indian Sandalwood trees, Hilltow...
Maalik Boy Arabic Own course, own host
Maalika Girl Indian, Sanskrit Garland, Jasmine
Maalin Boy Sanskrit, Indian Crowned
Maalolan Boy Hindu, Indian Name of Deity in Ahobilam
Maanal Boy Sanskrit, Indian Bird