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1022 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Naabhi Boy Hindu, Indian Centre of body, an ancien...
Naadir Boy Hindu, Indian Dear, Rare
Naag Boy Hindu, Indian A big serpent
Naagraj Boy Indian King of serpents, Sheshna...
Naah Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Naajy Boy Hindu, Indian Safe
Naakesh Boy Sanskrit, Indian The Lord of Heaven
Naal Boy Celtic Gaelic Birth
Naam Boy Hebrew Pleasant
Naama Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Naamagal Girl Hindu, Indian Magnificent Poetess, Orat...
Naamah Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Naamahah Girl Hebrew, American Eng Pleasant, Pleasant
Naaman Boy Hebrew Pleasant
Naamana Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Naamiah Girl Hebrew Sweetness of Jehovah
Naamit Girl Hebrew Oryx
Naara Girl Hebrew Young woman
Naarah Girl Hebrew Young woman
Naarai Boy Hebrew Young people