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2297 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Sa'id Boy Arabic Lord
Saachi Girl Hindu, Indian Truth
Saad Boy Arabic, Aramaic Luck, Help, support
Saada Girl Swahili, Hebrew Assistant, Help
Saadia Boy Hebrew Help of God
Saadiah Boy Hebrew Help of God
Saadli Boy Hebrew He helped me
Saadya Boy Hebrew Help of God
Saadyah Boy Hebrew Help of God
Saakaar Boy Hindu, Indian Manifestation of god
Saaman Girl Central Asian, Afgha Jasmine
Saanjh Boy Hindu, Indian Evening
Saanvi Girl Hindu, Indian Goddess Lakshmi
Saar Both Hebrew Storm
Saaras Boy Hindu, Indian Swan
Saatatya Boy Hindu, Indian Never ending
Saatvik Boy Hindu, Indian Pious
Saba Both Aramaic Old oak tree
Sabah Girl African, Arabic Sunrise, Morning
Sabal Boy Hindu, Indian With strength