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199 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Uba Boy African Wealthy
Ubadah Boy Arabic Serves God
Ubaid Boy Arabic Faithful
Uberto Boy Italian Form of Hubert
Ucathya Boy Sanskrit, Indian Praiseworthy
Uchefuna Girl African I am aware of my surround...
Udar Boy Hindu, Indian Generous
Udaraja Boy Sanskrit, Indian King of waters
Uday Boy Hindu, Indian To arrive
Udaya Girl Indian Dawn
Udayachal Boy Hindu, Indian Eastern horizon
Udayan Boy Hindu, Indian Rising, name of king of A...
Udayasooriyan Boy Hindu, Indian Rising sun
Udbhav Boy Indian Creation, to arise from
Uddhar Boy Hindu, Indian Liberation
Uddhav Boy Hindu, Indian Lord Krishna's friend
Udeep Boy Indian Flood
Udeh Boy Hebrew Praise
Udele Girl Anglo Saxon, English Wealthy, Rich or Prospero...
Udell Boy English Grove of trees