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27884 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aaarti Girl Hindu, Indian Worship
Aabha Girl Hindu, Indian Glow
Aabhal Girl Indian Sparkling
Aabharana Girl Hindu, Indian Jewel
Aabharika Girl Indian One with a sweet voice, o...
Aabhas Boy Indian Realization
Aabheer Boy Hindu, Indian A cowherd
Aachit Boy Indian Charged
Aachman Boy Hindu, Indian Intake of a sip of water ...
Aadarsh Boy Hindu, Indian Ideal
Aadarshini Girl Hindu, Indian Idealistic
Aadesh Boy Indian Instruction
Aadhaya Girl Hindu, Indian First power
Aadi Boy Sanskrit, Indian First, beginning, initial
Aadidev Boy Hindu, Indian The first God
Aadil Boy Arabic Honourable
Aadinatha Boy Sanskrit, Indian The primordial master
Aadishwara Boy Indian Supreme being
Aadita Girl Hindu, Indian From the begining
Aaditya Boy Sanskrit, Indian Belonging to Aditi, sun