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Name: Aaditya

Gender: Boy
Origin: Sanskrit, Indian
Meaning: Belonging to Aditi, sun
Names with similar sounding: Aadita, Adhita, Adit, Adita, Aditeya, Aditha, Aditi, Aditya, Adwaita, Adwita, Adwiteya, Adwitiya
Names with similar meaning: Aditya (Belonging to Aditi, sun)
Ravinandana (Son of the sun)
Ravinatha (Having the sun as its master, Lotus)
RaviKirana (Beam of sunlight)
Ravindra (An Indra among suns, mightiest of suns)
Ravisa (Desires the sun)
Ravish (Desires the sun)
Ravikiran (Sun ray)
Raviprabha (Light of the sun)
Ravija (Born of the sun)

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