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51 names found (total 27884 names on our site)
Name Gender Origin Meaning
Xadrian Boy American Of the adriatic
Xander Boy Greek Defending men
Xandra Girl Greek Form of Zandra
Xandy Boy American From alexander or alexand...
Xannon Boy American Ancient god
Xantha Girl Greek Yellow
Xanthe Girl Greek Yellow
Xanthia Girl Greek Yellow
Xanthias Boy Greek Yellow
Xanthippe Girl Greek Yellow horse
Xanthippos Boy Greek Yellow horse
Xanthos Boy Greek Yellow
Xanthus Boy Greek Yellow
Xanti Boy Basque NaMe for st. JaMes
Xanto Boy Greek Blond haired
Xarles Boy French Manly
Xatia Girl Central Asian Flawless like an icon or ...
Xavier Boy Basque, Spanish New house
Xaviera Girl Basque, Spanish New house
Xavière Girl Basque, French New house